About Panola National Bank

Main Office

Panola National Bank was chartered in 1983 to help meet the financial needs of the bank’s general trade area by being a true “community bank".  We recognize our strong commitment to being a community bank will make us more nimble, more responsive, more flexible and more creative with our valued customer base.  Every day we diligently work to develop strong community relationships through service to the people of Panola, Harrison and our surrounding counties.  Over the past years we have been a source of financial strength to meet the needs of all members of our community regardless of race, age, creed, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or marital status.  We will prosper in the future by enhancing those relationships and continuing our firmly established tradition of being a true “community bank”. 

Warren T. Biggs
Chairman of the Board

The History of Panola National Bank


Panola National Bank was granted Charter #17967 by the Comptroller of the Currency on October 6, 1983, after the ten organizing directors had subscribed to or sold stock in the amount of $3,000,000 to 282 stockholders with the majority of them residing in Panola County.  The bank remains the only bank in Panola County that is principally owned by local residents.

The charter members of the Board of Directors were Thomas Adams, Warren Biggs, Bev Brown, John Cain, John Lowe, Jerry Hanszen, Olin Joffrion, Sr., Crawford Parker, Jr., Roy Rosson and Raymond Schieffer. In July, 1999, Panola National Bank opened its first branch in Marshall, Texas.  The branch is located at 2203 Victory Drive.  


The officers of Panola National Bank are:


-    Gary W. Claxton - Vice-Chairman
-    Brett A. Biggs - President & CEO
-    Kay C. Garrett - Sr. Vice-President
-    Tammy Lee - Assistant Vice-President
-    Kenze Abernathy - Cashier / Vice President
-    Denice Farias - Assistant Vice-President
-    Morgan Nichols - Assistant Vice-President

The present members of the Board of Directors are:


-    Keith Adams
-    Brett Biggs
-    Warren Biggs
-    John Cain
-    Gary Claxton
-    Kay C. Garrett
-    Jerry Hanszen  
-    Olin Joffrion, Jr.
-    Keith Keeling, M.D.
-    Steve Lowe