Online Security


Panola National Bank and our Service Providers have developed strict policies and procedures to safeguard your information.  Our policies require confidential treatment of your personal information.

For questions or concerns regarding Online Banking Security, we invite you to contact any of our Account Representatives to further assist you.


Online Security


How Can I Protect My Online Banking Security?

-    Do not share your internet banking username and password with anyone else
-    Change your password frequently
-    Do not leave your computer unattended during online banking sessions
-    Log out of online banking prior to visiting other internet sites
-    Do not use easily accessible information for your username and password
-    Be sure that no one is watching when you enter your username and password
-    Memorize your username and password and do not carry them in your wallet or purse
-    If you must keep a log of your username and password, keep it in a secure location
-    Review your account information often
-    Report any unusual activity immediately
-    Never give account information by phone unless you initiate the call
-    Avoid public internet access terminals when conducting internet banking

Important Note:  While we continue to do everything possible to ensure the security of our system, we are not responsible for any breach of security that is outside of our control.